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Acharya Sri Khadi Madama, "Khadi" is a veteran speaker, workshop leader and special retreat host of more than four decades.  Visionary, celebrity and author, she has a lot to share on a variety of subjects and is among the prestigious speakers listed with Celebrity Talent International, MPI (Meeting Planners International)  bridging several speaking genres from motivational, spiritual, wellness, stress management and, of course, on the subject of Yoga. 

Because of her versatility as a speaker, she has spoken to Realtors, health care professionals, at beauty trade shows, expos, museums, radio, college campuses, corporations and TV.

To print out Khadi's speaking brochure, please click onto the link, or contact directly to have one mailed at your convenience.  You will find very complimentary testimonials within it's folds. 

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The Red Ribbon Presentation Series

Since ancient times in the Orient, secret scrolls have been rolled up and tied with red ribbons that contain special knowledge before being presented to officials. This practice has come down to modern times where it is common to see important legal briefs tied in red ribbon on the mantles of British barristers while they await delivery to the higher court.  

Our Red Ribbon Presentation Series

From Lost Horizon to Finding Shangri La

Available as 40-50 minute informational modules suitable for "Lunch and Learn", educational events, corporate "In-Services", trade shows and Networking events or just about any event where there is a need to provide the latest information on Stress Management, Morale & Motivation, and other problems that inhibit the full compliment of a great running business with a happy productive staff.  $300. 00 for each module or 1100. for all 4. 


Khadi should be a regular on the "Hot Topic" circuit. A wonderful inspirational speaker.   

Christine S. : Sales Associate/Marketing Specialist NJAR Circle of Excellence; Sales Award International President's Circle (Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage)

"As always, you deliver your positive life messages in such a gentle and friendly manner. Your care for your audience is evident in the way that you make yourself available. Thank you for Finding Your Way Through Stress to Shangri La." Nancy Bonta VoitkoOC Library Beachwood Branch Manager  Dear Khadi, Shari and I can't thank you enough not only for the amazing presentation you did last evening for the W forum but also for your fabulous energy. Every woman left with such valuable information and a positive feeling. You made the evening very special and we look forward to having you join us again soon.Thank you! 

Heather & Shari ~the W forum~

HI Khadi,Thanks again for the informative session last night on behalf of MOCAP.   Many of us walked away feeling inspired.Sincerely,
Dawn I.      

Module 1: On Board the Plane: Escaping the Danger of Stress

This enjoyable interactive presentation is woven around James Hilton's famous novel about travelers taken to a hidden country high in Tibet. Each describes a personality trait which is a metaphor for how these personalities manage stress. A non-clinical approach to a  very real widespread problem that undermines true success for any corporation or business, especially now in these very challenged and changing times. Put joy back into your life and career. You too can escape from the ravages of stress. Get on board!

Module 2. The Surviving the Crash: The Sherpas Are on Their Way

No one ever travels without an itinerary, maps, gear, provisions and safety equipment, yet untold millions each day enter their workplace never really sure of what to expect. Will it be hostile, will they get the pink slip, will co-workers be impossible, and so on. Learn how having your own professional "Trek" journal can save your sanity when all about them are losing theirs. 

Module 3: Discovering Shangri La: Making a Haven of Your Workplace

This module is focused on how to navigate around and through your workplace environment to manage stress that is created from things that are not in your control, but that with the proper techniques can be managed with great improvement. Also considered are commuter and computer stress and how to apply tried and true remedies for relief. 

Module 4: Adapting to Higher Altitude: A 12 Step Plan for Lasting Relief

12 Fabulous techniques for obtaining relief from physical, mental, and environmental stress that can easily be performed comfortably and easily in your office or any small space. This final module ties together all of the previous three for a completely guided trek around mountains of stress, and navigating up and down the slippery slopes of uncertainty, until you safely arrive into the pristine valley of peace and serenity, even though fierce storms may rage without. This module will help YOU to be the light at the end of your own tunnel in order to pave the way to a better career life. 


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