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Khadi is so excited to be part of a new sci-fi (along the lines of Dr. Who) British radio web series coming this summer with an air date of July 23, 2016. To follow along for updates just click on the link below. See you in the ORBUS!

The Catterson Chronicles
with producer Liam Catterson

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Here is a fun Teaser clip from The Catterson Chronicles. 


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I created Tot Yoga with the idea of maintaining the integrity of ancient venerable science of Yoga, while at the same time providing an opportunity for parents to engage in safe playtime with their children.

     I don't believe in practicing Yoga with anyone, not in it's pure sense and naturally when playing with children, especially "Tots", it is essential that the focus be on the quality of the time spent with them, not on one's own practice.  Devising a plan that was both reasonable in terms of what can be expected of tiny little tots who can be very distracting to their parents' ideas of finding a quiet moment for themselves and being able to use that time as an effective prelude to having a few quiet  moments was a bit daunting.  It was very important to me that the integrity of Yoga practice be compromised as little as possible. 

     In creating the Tot and Toddler Portions, I wanted to offer opportunities to work within the realm of natural child movement using objects familiar to the children in order to  draw in their interest.  

     The Parent's Portion at the end of the DVD was created to fit snugly into a half-hour time slot for parent's rest and restoration as well as stress relief. The half hour would still allow time for other tasks to be performed while children are napping.  To that end, I believe that I created what I set out to achieve.
     Tot Yoga has been to the Oscars in 2009 in the celebrity swag bags, landing into the hands of such luminaries as Oprah, Julia Roberts, Jeff Bridges, and hundreds more.  "Tot" has also been to Dr. Oz's 2009 Gala, again in the "Swag Bags". It is also endorsed by Hollywood Baskets Inc., the official swag company for Hollywood celebrity events and other celebrations for Hollywood stars and media personalities. 

 "Tot" has been featured in Canadian Life and Health Magazine; Ladies Home Journal and other live media events.


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