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So nice of them to choose me! Thank you, Thumbtack

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For appearing in The Red Tent

The Red Tent: Things We Don't Talk About, an award winning film gaining international acclaim which includes Khadi as one of the many experts and commentators may be coming to a city near you during its world premier. Also available in DVD format and other formats. Check Amazon to view this great movie spectaculer. In it, Khadi shares her knowledge of ancient Indian history in the story of Draupadi. 


I am thrilled that I was asked to be included in the exciting docu-movie that is enjoying international success and numerous awards. In fact, Red Tent: The Things We Don't Talk About,(IMdb) is so much more than a movie, it's become a movement, spearheaded by internationally acclaimed film maker Miss Isadora Leidenfrost (Making Buddhas). I'm in the movie, briefly, as an expert on Vedic history and get to talk about Draupadi, a wonderfully wise lady of ancient times who, while in her 'red tent', was gambled away by her husbands-YES-husbands-plural-and brought out of seclusion to her embarrassment. So spiritually pure, her sari could not be unraveled no matter how much they tried to bare her. She is a metaphor for ultimate dignity in the cruel face of undignified challenge.  


 The Journey To Shangri La audio-reatreat on CD, was included in the celebrity gift basket of Christina Applegate, star of Married With Children via famous swag provider, Hollywood Baskets, Hollywood Ca. 

Here's a snap of all of the contents incluing "Journey".




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