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The 9 Escapades of Jade Charme: Agent Extraordinaire. 

Pack Your Bags, Girls. The Adventure Begins!

Jade Charme is a dauntless young Amer-Asian woman who rises up to the challenge of working for The Agency, an insurance firm that specializes in insuring antiquities, religious relics, rare art and archeological finds when she isn't teaching martial arts in her dojo in Chinatown. Her exploits take her to Spain, Ethiopia, Italy, India, China, and even to secret and hidden Shambhala. Her sister Grace works for The Agency, too and her brother Jack for a secret intelligence organization called INGOT. You'll meet them all along with a host of colorful characters inside these pages.


Meet Dame Violet Rose-Parlor, the octogenarian sleuth known as The Great Gardening Detective. Join in on the fun as she solves cases, curses, mysteries and misadventures in India, Egypt, Morocco, Great Britain, and China. Whether she's onboard a train, or a ship, or in a palatial hotel or spa, or traveling through time in a museum, Violet and her legendary sword cane will save the day in seven botanical cases, along with her favorite nemesis the bungling and grumbling Inspector Pickett. Grab your Pith Helmet, your garden shears and your travel journal and come along with us to solve this fun Packet of Seven Crimettes.






Based on the legend of the the hidden realm of Shangri La and it's formula for happy living, Author Acharya Sri Khadi Madama creates a metaphor with this interactive journey which helps those in challenging times find understanding and solutions not previously considered. The book is part Stress Relief using the theme of James Hilton's famous novel, Lost Horizon and how it's characters reflect our own personalities in managing difficult terrain and life situations as well as the author's own belief that a gold standard of living exists for those who follow the "Steppes" derived from the ancient seers of India. She also shares a few pages of her own personal "Shangri La Quest Diary" at the end.

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  Gracie's world seems gray and dismal in Playnville after moving to the strange old house on the edge of town until one day, while walking home from school, she takes a turn down a side street and sees a trail of pink glitter. Too afraid to follow it, she returns home only to discover that Pink Things are starting to appear, not only in her life, but in her hair. At sixteen years old, Gracie's life is about to change drastically through the appearance and guidance of divine beings, big Pink divine beings, from a wonderous place called Yoga*Land. Follow along with Gracie through her Amazing Adventures in Yoga*Land. Rose colored glasses not required 

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    Yoga, Dinner and a Movie is a fun compilation of 24 classic movie reviews from a 'Yoga' standpoint that include 24 Indian recipes and a simple and easy to perform Yoga pose. It also includes bonus features: 2 Nero Wolfe 'Yoga' mysteries to read and solve plus 3 special bonus India themed "Munchable Mystery Crimettes" to solve with menu, recipes and a Yoga tip.  
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Implementing the Use of I Ching into Tai Chi Practice  

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A compilation, overview and organization of notes taken from various books on Taoist Alchemy over a more than 10 year period from various Taoist Alchemy masters during my sojourn along the path of its practice. I have sought to merely share my notes and interpretations of them and make no other claim. It is for your observation and, hopefully, to answer some questions that arise when sorting out the oriental quagmire of the ancient and the occult. Much love and respect to all mentioned in my notebook, as they certainly know more than I.  Khadi Madama

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