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Yours Truly, Yoga aired in a 30 minute format, twice weekly, on Adelphia Cable's Educational Channel and The Stockton Cable Network between 1996 and 2000.  It's hostess was long-time Yoga Instructor, "Acharya Sri" Khadi Madama, who also wrote all of the show's and directed her more than 300,000 viewers through user-friendly Yoga poses.
Viewers could anticipate Khadi arriving on her flying carpet while exotic Indian music played in the background. Khadi's voice could be heard reciting the ancient Sanskrit poem The Surya Namaskar, welcoming the dawn of a new day.  The flying carpet would twist and turn descending on the screen before landing on the ground as Khadi would appear, sitting on it, ready to welcome her viewers. 
During the show, Acharya Khadi would reach into the Magic Oriental Message Box to receive the weekly message from the High Lama of Shangri La, the mythical place that viewers were assured they would reach if only they would practice their Yoga. 
Fans were encouraged to write in to request a special Yoga pose for a particular purpose.  Acharya Khadi would read the request and dedicate that weeks show to the write-in viewer. 
There were also occasional antics on the show when special guests would visit, adding to the lighthearted manner in which the show was broadcast.
Acharya Khadi appears in the award winning movie, The Red Tent: Things We Don't Talk About and has also been a guest on; TV News 12 NJ, WOBM Radio, The Mom Show, The Ernie Show and she has made personal appearances on behalf of Deborah Hospital sponsored by Clinique along with The Amazing Kreskin and numerous appearances throughout the Ocean County Library system.  She is also credited with introducing, in 1974, the concept of seated Therapeutic Yoga after her article, "Airborne Asanas" was published in Ambassador In Flight Magazine, which was read all around the globe. She has also been a guest on The Nurses Station (a podcast), The Morning X Show (talking about the mystical side of Yoga) and loves offering her Celebrity Status to endorse worthwhile causes.
As a result of the popularity of her show, Acharya Khadi produced two recordings: The Journey to Shangri La, audio retreat CD and The Journey to Shangri La; Short, Sweet and Simple Yoga on DVD, (now retired)  

In January of 2009 Acharya Khadi received the Jewel of India Award in New Delhi, India. She also stars in the hit DVD- TOT Yoga-which has the distinction of having been endorsed by Hollywood Baskets the SWAG provider to the Oscars, Dr. Oz' 2009 Gala and other Hollywood events.  She has coached  The Jersey Shore Roller Girls team;  presented a Yoga Sports Clinic at Eagle Ridge Country Club, which includes actor Joe Pesci as one of its celebrity members, the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger Martial Arts Fest for the competitors-finding herself on stage along with other VIPs AND Arnie.   In 1987 her dedicated student, Mr. Harold Rave, took the Decathlon Gold Medal in the German Olympics under her direction. 


Thanks for your continuing information.I am sharing your 1974 article Airborne Asanas for plane trips with three of my class who are taking plane rides....they range in age from mid 70's to  91. I know it will help them...the folks I already shared it with have had nothing but praise for it.'

Thanks Again

Love, Penny Maroldo RN, BSN
"You should be a regular on the "Hot Topic" circuit in Monmouth and Ocean.  I remember telling the agents  at the Education Meeting  for the reason we needed to have you in to speak...we are in such a tough market right now but Khadi's advice on how to find Shangri La brings your stress level from high to low.  Her affirmations are something we should recite on a daily basis. Thinking positive and lovely thoughts as Khadi recommends is the key to happiness and success.
Thank you again for such a wonderful inspirational seminar.  I hope that our paths cross again in the future."
Christine Stephan
NJAR Circle of Excellence Sales Award 2004-2008
International President's Circle
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
 "Your visit to Lord and Taylor helped with my decision to get back into Yoga. I will never stop!"

Roxane B.

Lord & Taylor Coordinator for "Beauty From the Inside Out" trade show.
November 2008   
 "Dear Khadi~

Enjoyed the podcast.  Congratulations!  You are a natural speaker with helpful suggestions for all who are willing to listen"

L. P.Principal Library Assistant Ocean County Library  
         Acharya Khadi says "Remember to think happy thoughts and keep smiling"
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