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     A former  charm school graduate and teen fashion model, Miss Madama has been featured in numerous best selling books, radio broadcast, and live speaking engagements on the subject of creating Customer Loyalty programs, Professional Speaking, Branding and other media topics.  

     She has been a professional speaker for more than three decades on a variety of topics, and is a published author of numerous books in multiple genres, as well as providing PR and Media Services for well known TV and movie celebrities. 
Khadi is also a frequent radio and TV guest, and is best known for starring in Yours Truly, Yoga, a TV  show that she was asked to develop, script and choreograph. It aired between 1996 and 2000 on select cable stations in New York and New Jersey.
Tot Yoga, (DVD), which is endorsed by Hollywood Baskets and was featured in the SWAG at the 2009 Oscars is also the result of her conceptualization, scripting and choreography. Tot Yoga (DVD) was also SWAG at Dr. Oz's Gala (2009)
"Although I have enjoyed great media status over the years, starring in my own show and having been featured in film and live performances, I felt the need for a fresh approach to my brand. I was amazed at Khadi's ability to see my brand in a new light and being able to rethink the content for a whole new look. Her follow through with media contacts was highly effective, as well as her creativity in finding  new monetized venues. I recommend her services highly, whether you are already in the media, or would like to be in it." 
Jane Doherty, Internationally recognized psychic medium and star of Dead Tenants, supporting actress in  Amy (Release date October 1, 2013).

  Yours Truly PR & Media is proud to represent these exciting celebrities:

Mr. Frank W. Dux (Bloodsport IMdb; The Secret Man-Harper Collins) 

The Art of Powerfully Transforming the ABC's of Adversity, Betrayal and Crisis into Sustainable Success

Miss Jane Doherty (Dead Tenants-TLC; Amy-IMDb; Ghost Stories, Connecting with Spirits & More, Oh My-off Broadway and  author of Awakening the Mystic Gift-Amazon) Jane is the only psychic medium to conduct the Offical (82nd) Houdini Seance 

 "Ghost Stories, Connecting with Spirits & More, Oh My!" 

Chef Tom Poley (Hell's Kitchen Season 2)

"You Have to Break Eggs If You Want to Make an Omlette: Confessions of a Reality Show Chef"

Introducing our new rookie celebrity. "AJ" Schmalz. AJ had his start as an extra in the TV series The Verdict (IMDb) and is happy to be a "fan" in his new extra role in the forthcoming Slyvester Stallone movie, "Creed", to be released later this year. 

For more information about booking these exciting celebrities for your event, please see their individual bio pages and contact the Yours Truly, PR & Media office.


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* Book Publishing for Print on Demand: 
Organizing content, research, publishing venues, book launch and media exposure.
 * For the New Entrepreneur:
    If you want more social media, print or broadcast media exposure, or you want to
    brand your image, product or service; create a shining mission statement that perfectly expresses your business; create or increase traffic to your blog and need step by step support to keep you focused.  This includes three one hour sessions, which are normally sufficient to get the client on their way to reaching their goals.

 * Teleclass and Professional Speaking Preparation:
   Preparation of the speaker for the teleclass event, such as how to speak professionally and effectively before the listening audience,  organizing  content, creating your monetized teleclass package, interviewing you on your
   teleclass for a more professional presentation. Creating  "white papers" and other teleclass gifts for your listeners. Insuring that you speak like a pro, is key to your success.

 *  Media Packaging:
     Organizing your existing media experience, creating media exposure opportunities, 
     coaching preparation for media events, preparing your "Media 1" sheet, expanding
     your products, services and experience for TV and radio commercials, magazine
     and news features. If you have previous TV, Film or Sports notoriety and want to
     put new life back into your old image for a new product or event. The Media  
    Package includes set up of all of the above, and two months of follow up with the
    client to prepare for the event, product or service release.
Each contract for the above services is custom created for the clients' particular needs. The descriptions are for the benefit of expressing what the services can include to support the clients' success.
Please do not hesitate to telephone for more information about how to customize a plan that works for you.

 Networking Tips
(As featured on 

Here’s my take on networking events.

*Have a 30 sec “elevator” pitch about how much you love what you do and how it benefits your clients. (don’t do this while they are occupied-do it  when they are free and not busy with someone else.

*Follow this immediately by asking what the other person does in their line of business.

*Ask them for their card and ask if its all right for you to telephone them to hear more about what services THEY offer. 

*Then, hand them your card, while asking them if there is anything you can do to help their business.

As soon as you get a minute, write a note about the person on the back of their card so you won’t forget why you’re going to telephone them.

Special Note: If you call their office and get their voice mail, don’t leave a message. Once you leave a message you will forfeit being able to call  back more than a couple of times and therefore you may lose out on actually speaking with them. Just keep ringing through until you are able to reach  them. Then, make sure you’ve telephoned at a good time. If they say that they have only a couple of minutes, watch the clock and release the call on time with a lead in that you’ll reach out to them next week, etc. Once again, when you call back, don’t leave a message, but call again until you reach  them.
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